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SMT presents: 10 Questions with Oliver Tank


SMT presents: 10 Questions with Oliver Tank

In 2011 Oliver Tank emerged from his bedroom with ‘Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion’. What started out as experimentation for a university production course quickly flourished into something that far exceeded expectations. The title of his debut EP Dreams said it all. His reverie of sparse electronic arrangements met with an equally out of this world response from fans and critics. 

The wait for new material was longer than anticipated, but on November 22 Oliver Tank returned with his second EP Slow Motion Music. The title a reference to the sonics of the EP, not the speed of Tank’s songwriting, although he admits that at times expectation did hinder his progress.

To round out 2013, a year that’s included supports for James Blake and Lorde, and a new EP, Tank will perform festival dates at Meredith and Falls before embarking on a national Australian tour in 2014. At some point between recording, chilling, and preparing for his upcoming tour, Oliver found time to discuss Slow Motion Music, rap production aspirations, and his forthcoming debut album.

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Next track from the EP is “You Never Know” featuring Hayden Calnin Music. I was a big fan of Hayden’s music and was really stoked when he agreed to lend his vocals on this track. I sent him the music and he came back with this beautiful vocal arrangement. There is a remix competition for this track on the OT facebook page for any producers out there keen to have a crack at it. Good luck!

Gonna be posting up a song from my new EP each day this week and a little something about each one. Here’s the first track “Stay” featuring my good buddy Fawn and another friend of mine Jess Graham who did the strings. Look out for the remix in January which will also be available as a bonus track on the vinyl

"Slow Motion Music" Vinyl

You can now pre-order “Slow Motion Music” on Vinyl! Really excited to have another release out on wax, plus It includes two remixes by a couple of my favourite artists

Not long now till the new EP’s out! Here’s a little taste

imarzex asked: Where can I buy a cd in the US? I really need your latest and look forward to the upcoming EP! Also what's up with an upcoming tour? Thanks for you! -Marzex

I don’t have any cd’s at the moment, you’ll be able to get dreams and slow motion music from itunes and I might get some cd’s made up for slow motion music but not sure if they’ll be available anywhere in the US

dallasanartist asked: Is it possible to get any of your sounds on vinyl at the moment?

I will be getting Dreams repressed next year I think but don’t have any left at the moment

Slow Motion Music will be available on vinyl, more details on that soon

victttc asked: You were a wonderful surprise before James Blake, you are very talented!

Thank you!