Oliver Tank

Heartfelt Computer Music


"Slow Motion Music" Vinyl

You can now pre-order “Slow Motion Music” on Vinyl! Really excited to have another release out on wax, plus It includes two remixes by a couple of my favourite artists

Not long now till the new EP’s out! Here’s a little taste

imarzex asked: Where can I buy a cd in the US? I really need your latest and look forward to the upcoming EP! Also what's up with an upcoming tour? Thanks for you! -Marzex

I don’t have any cd’s at the moment, you’ll be able to get dreams and slow motion music from itunes and I might get some cd’s made up for slow motion music but not sure if they’ll be available anywhere in the US

dallasanartist asked: Is it possible to get any of your sounds on vinyl at the moment?

I will be getting Dreams repressed next year I think but don’t have any left at the moment

Slow Motion Music will be available on vinyl, more details on that soon

hellozyggy asked: You were a wonderful surprise before James Blake, you are very talented!

Thank you!

forevernzuri asked: I just found out about you today. Man was I missing out. I love your work

Thanks :)

yearningthehype asked: Hey Oliver, so looking forward to seeing you at Falls you're music is beautiful.

Thanks I’m really looking forward to falls as well