Oliver Tank

Heartfelt Computer Music


forevernzuri asked: I just found out about you today. Man was I missing out. I love your work

Thanks :)

yearningthehype asked: Hey Oliver, so looking forward to seeing you at Falls you're music is beautiful.

Thanks I’m really looking forward to falls as well 

Wassup tumblr people?! I dropped a new track yesterday from my upcoming EP. Honoured to have Ta-Ku on the beat. Hope you enjoy

Oliver Tank

I made a mix a couple of weeks back which includes some of my favourite tunes lately. Its a free download and includes my cover of “Sound of Silence” if you missed out on a download from soundcloud

poli-art asked: Hey.. I've just discovered your sounds and they have completely taken over my soul! It is the inspiration to my art. I just wanted to say thank you!!

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated

rygeronimi-deactivated20140309 asked: hey dawgs i know you probably dont wanna tell me but where did you get that alltime hemp shirt on your instagram from? wild shirt braz yeww

Yeah its a great shirt. I got it from this website http://www.islandhemp.com/category.cfm?branch_number=1&CategoryID=52

Usually I’m XL, but it was absolutely massive on me when it arrived. So now I just hang it on my wall

cheap-and-nasty asked: Ah.. Listening to your music every night with my candles burning and fairy lights on is one of the most euphoric experiences in the world.

Sounds very relaxing, thanks for the love

suckadickimaunicorn asked: Hey just wondering what kind of Gear you use to trigger your samples and loop them. I saw you performing at the James Blake concert on Monday night and you were really inspiring. :)

Thanks for the kind words, I use an SP-404SX

Getting a lot of love for my latest cover, Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel 

It feels good to have some new music out again