Oliver Tank

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Oliver Tank

—Up All Night


I like to steer away from blogging the same artist twice, as i’m a bit of a musical expansionist. I try to hear as many bands as possible and I wind up with two or three favorites, but sometimes, on very rare occasions, I like more than a narrow selected work.

Kanye dropped an album after his mother’s death that a lot of people overlooked. Most of his other work was very easy to classify; Rap. But 808’s and Heartbreak was off in a completely different direction, and it still remains one of my favorite albums to date.

Oliver Tank is basically a combination of Heartbreak Kanye, Lowbeat James Blake and gentle Justin Vernon, and it just feels so right.

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    This is "Up All Night" by Oliver Tank sit back and enjoy. this is good. Oliver Tank on Facebook, Tumblr, Soundcloud
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