Oliver Tank

Heartfelt Computer Music



If you aren’t mind blown, completely wow-ed or feel like passionately embracing the nearest person after listening to Oliver Tank then you are a lost soul. 

His sound is a dream-like fury of instrumental genius. And that voice. He only has to repeatedly breathe the one line,“You said it would be alright, but I just don’t know” over a hypnotic synth beat and beautiful string melody, and we are utterly transfixed.

At an intimate gig at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Thursday night, Oliver Tank played to a chockerblocked room of fans - It is inspiring to know that so many people enjoy his amazlingly chill sound.

Stand out of the night was his rendition of the “King” Snoop Dogg’s, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ which he pulled off with absolute boss-ness, despite the slightly awkward ‘nigga’ line of a white boy rapping. 

Proving his down to earth reputation, he played on without making us wait with a round of overrated encore hype. 

His only trip-up was not having enough songs to quell the appetite of his audience, which he humbly apologised for. 

I promise Oliver Tank will take your breath away, even as he sings the words, “Music is like air to me and I just want to help you breathe.”

||| Lauren

Oliver Tank. Yes Please.

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